About Us

"Providing all of your beauty, hair and skin Phixxations"

Beauty Phixx was conceived from both our founders love for hair, beauty and skincare as well as her passion for inclusion. One day, whilst shopping for her essentials and looking for products owned by a variety of business owners from different backgrounds and sizes, she realised that there was a gap in the market, a store whereby multiple brands could be purchased with a range of heritages at the forefront. She realised that extensive research across multiple websites had to be conducted in order to shop inclusively and therefore, the mission was to build a platform and global community whereby our members felt loved, valued and that their best interests were at the heart of the community.

Beauty Phixx is a community whereby the underrepresented are represented and held in the highest regard. Inclusion is not an afterthought but the leading thought when sourcing our products and choosing to engage in brand partnerships. Each product we choose to stock is chosen with our community in mind; we consider ingredients, branding, and ownership to ensure that regardless of what you purchase, it will be to your benefit. This is why we say ‘What's the Phixxation?’, ultimately this is the reason behind why this product has been specially curated for you by our Beauty Phixx experts.

Our founding vision was to innovate our communities shopping experience when looking and shopping for products predominantly created to serve us. Our promise to you is to offer you the highest quality shopping experience possible, from our branding to our website, to our packaging and communication. Creating a place which you would want to return to get your latest Beauty Phixx. Our focus is on making both men and women feel seen, heard and provided for. We are committed to showcasing the highest quality products from a diverse range of brands in which the Beauty Phixx team have conducted extensive research. Each business decision is personally approved by our founder who is devoted to offering you the best of the best and adding her special touch.

All of our products are sourced directly from brands and authorised distributors to guarantee authenticity.